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Megalodons The Largest Monster Sharks That Ever Lived On Earth.

Descendant of Otodus Shark, Recently Extinct, this Species, was alive in the earths coastal shallow warm water seas just 2 million years ago.

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Megalodon's average size was around 50 feet long, some Megalodons estimates thought it grew to 70 feet and bigger, hitting the scales mostly at 50 to 80 Tons, some think possibly, to have been as large as 120 Tons. Estimates are that the megalodon had an approximately bite of between108,000 Ton - 182,000 tons per square inch.

The average Megalodon, was at least 2 - 4 times bigger than today's largest, great white sharks. Megalodon was named "big tooth" in Ancient Greek: μέγας "big, mighty" and ὀδoύς "tooth", our extinct species of shark lived approximately 23 to as late as 2.6 million years ago, during the early Miocene age to the end of the Pliocene age. More of a warmer water hunter,  hunting in the warm, shallow seas that covered much of the planet at that time. Thought to have died out during the ice age, Megalodon's inability to hunt whales in colder water is believed to be one of the leading causes of extinction.  Thought to have gone extinct due also from increased competition by other predators. Megalodon diet is thought to have consisted of: Wales, dolphins, porpoises,  large marine vertebrae, smaller sharks, large fish, giant sea turtles, Pinnipeds, including seals, sea lions, and walruses. 

From two of the most common interpretations are Carcharodon megalodon and Carcharocles megalodon. it has been conclude now, that Megalodon is of the Otodontidae family desending from of the genus Otodus, shark family, and is now considered the genus Carcharocles.

Documentaries, Films, other publications like, the new "THE MEG" move released 2018, Discovery Channel -Megalodon: and Monster Shark Lives.

Biggest Megalodon found, contained 182 fossil teeth, and four of the largest teeth ever found. Of the largest teeth  measure over 7 inches, with the largest tooth measured at 7 5/8" inches. 

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of carnivorous theropod dinosaur family, similar in size, as better known theropods, Tyrannosaurus and Giganotosaurus.

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